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Deer Valley Farm’s Spring Production Sale

Saturday, March 24, 2018 • Noon
Fayetteville, TN

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Deer Valley is home to some of the breed's most popular and proven donor cows in the entire Angus breed. We are fortunate to own multiple daughters of some of the breeds most famous and proven cow families as well. Due to the depth of our genetics and the strength of our donor program we are able to offer embryos out of many of these great donors. You can select a few perfect matings that will enhance your program or we can custom build you a package of embryos of any size to catapult your herd forward or to fast forward you in the building of a new program. We offer unsurpassed genetic quality with superior phenotype in a package that excels in calving ease, growth, performance and caracas traits.



The Deer Valley Angus program continues to soar with breed-leading genetics. We utilize the industries latest DNA technology to validate the genetics that we continue to build around. We continue to take the "Who's Who" of the Angus breed and mass-produce the genetics that meet with our long-term plan. Every major cow family in the breed is represented in the Deer Valley program.



It’s not every day that a rocket scientist becomes a cattleman, but that’s the exact path of Dr. Fredric H. Clark. It wasn’t enough for Clark just to own cattle; he wanted to own elite cattle. In 1988, Clark purchased a tract of land; a beautiful valley nestled in the hills of Tennessee, primarily for recreation and hunting.

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